Thread Rolling Machines

Tesker Thread Rolling Machines

A Full Range of the Most Durable, Versatile, Efficient Equipment

Tesker delivers a full range of high-quality thread rolling machines to meet almost any size or threading need.

The smallest thread rolled on our machines is 282 threads per inch on a stainless steel wire of 0.009-inch diameter. Our largest Models are rolling up to 24-inch diameter bars with 650,000 lbs. hydraulic rolling pressure.

Not only does Tesker deliver the widest range of the best machinery available, we also provide all the expertise and support you need to take full advantage of the benefits, such as:

Versatility – With the ability to do both infeed and thrufeed (learn more about these thread rolling types) a standard feature on most of our machines, you can form anything from a bolt or stud to a long threaded bar.

Simplicity – With most set-ups performed in less than ½ hour, our machines can be used for both production and custom thread or form rolling.

Cost-effectiveness – The ability to tilt die spindles to the helix angle of thread lets our customers use lower-cost, annular ring dies.

Productivity – Speed-up dies can increase work feed rate while keeping RPMs of the work piece constant. Helical slow feed dies can decrease work feed rate, thereby allowing material to flow and form at a slower pace – requiring less horsepower and pressure than needed for annular dies.